Cultural Centre de Pol Inn

Cultuurcentrum Herberg de Pol (‘Cultural Centre de Pol Inn’)

Historic meetingplace
De Pol is built in 1891 as a mansion, but a mere 10 years later the building is used as an inn and a meetingplace. Nowadays this 19th C inn, a mill and a newly-built hall constitute a modern cultural centre, restoring its former function as beating heart of Diepenheim to this historic location.

In Cultuurcentrum Herberg de Pol you will find:

  • A cafe-restaurant
  • A brand new banquet hall and theatre with telescopic tribune (c. 150 seats)
  • An ouside stage with tribunes for open-air performances, overlooking the bleaching grounds
  • Hof van Twente tourist office, with shop
  • A documentation and information centre with information on artists, theatre makers, architecture, writers, (art) gardens and (historic) Diepenheim
  • Diepenheim library
  • Offices of a.o. Kunstvereniging Diepenheim and Kunsten op Straat
  • Various associations including historical society Old Deep’n
  • Several stages, halls, classrooms, training rooms, music rooms and meeting rooms for rent

Cooperation with …
Culltuurcentrum Herberg de Pol has been realised by Kunstwerk Diepenheim, a collaboration of Kunstvereniging Diepenheim, Kunsten op straat Foundation, Cultureel Erfgoed Hof van Twente Foundation and the Council of Hof van Twente, with the support of countless regional and (inter)national partners.


Raadhuisstraat 8
7478 AG Diepenheim
The Netherlands
T: + 31(0) 547 35 29 11