Drawing Centre

Drawing Centre
London. New York. Diepenheim. Those are the three cities in the world with an institute focussing explicitly on presenting contemporary and modern drawing. In recent years, attention for drawing has grown. The Kunstvereniging views drawing also as a first link between thinking and acting. Drawing is a constant factor in visual and applied art, but also in related disciplines like architecture and urban development. That is why this centre for drawing is an important addition to the nationwide offer and the Drawing Centre has it’s own curator: Nanette Kraaikamp.

In the Drawing Centre Diepenheim you will find:

  • Three temporary exhibitions on contemporary drawing each year
  • Masterclasses and symposiums
  • Documentation about drawing art(ists)



Former kindergarten and gallery
The building which houses Drawing Centre Diepenheim dates back to 1967. Originally, it was built as a kindergarten. In 1994, when the kindergarten left, the Nijenhove Gallery moved in. In 2011 the building was given its next destination: the first exhibition space in The Netherlands dedicated specifically to contemporary drawing.

‘Drawing as spearhead’
Drawing has been a spearhead for Kunstvereniging Diepenheim as far back as 2008. That year Drawing Centre curator Arno Kramer was co-organisor of the All About Drawing exhibition in the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam.

Light and space
To transform the interior of the Nijenhove Gallery into a modern exhibition space where larger works of art can be shown, too, the building has been extensively renovated. Architectural firm Ten Dam Architects has lowered the floor and raised the ceiling, making the room 60 centimeters higher. The result is a bright room and the distinctive rafters are visible again.

‘Drawing Centre’ or ‘Centrum voor tekenkunst’?
With respect to the name: the English ‘Drawing Centre’ has been deliberately chosen over the Dutch ‘Centrum voor tekenkunst’ to indicate the Drawing Centre has international ambitions.




Kuimgaarden 1
7478 AN Diepenheim
T: 0547 – 35 28 28
E: info@kunstvereniging.nl