Kunstvereniging Diepenheim is an association for art lovers and has about 200 members. They support the programme with their annual contribution and together form the highest body within the Kunstvereniging. The programme plan for 2018-2019 focuses on member retention.

Board and Advisory Board
The board of Kunstvereniging Diepenheim represents the members and is composed of enthusiastic art lovers. The board’s core task is to create the right financial, HR and technical conditions to ensure that the programme is properly implemented. The board is assisted by an advisory board, consisting of relevant experts who provide solicited and unsolicited advice.

The management team (MT), which comprises the artistic and business leadership, is responsible for the day-to-day management of Kunstvereniging Diepenheim. The MT translates the artistic and business areas into practice, directs the executive staff and volunteers and reports to the board.

Artistic leader
Drawing Centre Diepenheim is under the artistic leadership of Nanette Kraaikamp, who wrote the 2020-2021 programme plan. Alexandra Landré was the leader of the programme in the main building until January 2020. An exhibition organised by guest curator Hélène Webers is currently on view.

Business Affairs
Jacko Brinkman has been responsible for the business affairs of the Kunstvereniging since 2018 and oversees financial matters and everyday operations.

The Kunstvereniging is a flexible organisation with a small number of (part-time) staff, consisting of:
Gerry Voskamp
Front office manager and volunteer coordinator
Yvonne Pierik
Production management and financial administration
Els de Witte
Communication officer
Wieke Teselink
Education coordinator
Frits Rietman
Technical support and production

Just Schimmelpenninck
Ton Besling
Lucie Bartel
Henk Heskamp
Willem van Bruggen
René Rosendal
Marcel Schroeten

Advisory Board
Jan Kristen
Arnoud Braat
Annelies van der Horst
Jan van IJzendoorn

The collective labour agreement for the welfare branch applies to all staff. The board members and advisory board members do not receive any remuneration in exchange for their work.

Thanks to our unique association structure, Kunstvereniging Diepenheim can draw on a broad group of volunteers who support the organisation with advice and action. The volunteers are invaluable. They work as exhibition attendants, maintain our garden projects, transport art work from all over Europe to and from Diepenheim, or serve as board members.

As a member of Kunstvereniging Diepenheim, you are entitled to a variety of benefits, including invitations to exhibition openings and excursions, and discounts on tickets, catalogues and purchases of art work.

The support of granting bodies is of vital importance to the Kunstvereniging and all that we do. We are grateful to all our supporters, and would particularly like to thank the Mondriaan Fund, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Province OverijsselMunicipality Hof van Twente, VSB Fonds and Ars Donandi.

Official documents
Click here to see the (dutch) most recent annual reports:
Annual report artistic activities 2017
Annual report financial affairs 2017
Annual report artistic activities 2018
Annual report artistic activities 2019
Under the General Data Protection Regulations, the Kunstvereniging also has a
Privacy statement.

Kunstvereniging Diepenheim charitable status (ANBI)
Kunstvereniging Diepenheim is a designated Public Benefit Organisation, referred to in Dutch as an ANBI. Organisations with this status enjoy a number of tax benefits, and so do Dutch taxpayers wishing to make a donation (or gift) to the organisation.

As an ANBI, Kunstvereniging Diepenheim is required to state the following information on the website:
Name: Kunstvereniging Diepenheim
VAT number: 8022.56.831
Registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number: 40075008
Kunstvereniging Diepenheim endorses the Governance Code Culture.