The Diepenheim Gardens

Art in public spaces is a guiding principle for Kunstvereniging Diepenheim as is spatial art. With its exhibitions, events and art in public places the Kunstvereniging suprises local as well as non-local art-lovers.


Rich tradition
Homesteads, estates and castles have been part of Overijssel culture and landscape for centuries. The garden projects of Kunstvereniging Diepenheim and the focus on art in public spaces are rooted in a rich tradition.

Homesteads, estates and castles
Diepenheim is situated in the Council of Hof van Twente. Within the municipial boundaries there are no less than 8 homemesteads, estates and castles:

  • Kasteel Huis te Diepenheim, Stedeke 1, 7478 RV Diepenheim
  • Kasteel Nijenhuis, Nijenhuizerlaan, 7478 PA Diepenheim
  • Kasteel Westerflier, Deventerdijk, 7478 RR Diepenheim
  • Landgoed Warmelo, Stedeke 11, 7478 RV Diepenheim
  • Landgoed Twickel, Twickelerlaan 7, 7495 VG Delden
  • Huis Verwolde, Jonker Emilelaan 4, 7245 TL Laren
  • Havezate Wegdam, Wegdammerweg, 7478 MH Markelo

New territory
The interest in gardens and the landscape has enlarged the Kunstvereniging’s scope permanently. The characteristic Diepenheim combination of gardens, estates and art in public space surprises and astonishes visitors again and again.

Overview of artist’s gardens in and around Diepenheim:

  • herman de vries: butterfly garden, syringa garden and winter garden
    ‘It’s all about sensibility, particularly about experiencing fragrances and the poetry they evoke’, according to artist and biologist herman de vries.
    Location: Broenshof 3, 7478 AS Diepenheim, The Netherlands
  • herman de vries: The Water Lilies
    Location: Nijenhuizerlaan (former homestead Peckedam), Diepenheim
  • Urbain Mulkers: The Diepenheim Gazebo
    Green collage with almost 1400 hosta species.
    Location: Oude Goorseweg 2, 7478 SC Diepenheim, The Netherlands
  • Edward Clydesdale Thomson: Garden Fence
    Diepenheim as one large garden, with a fence to separate building and nature.
    Location: Het Elferink 81, 7478 CC Diepenheim, The Netherlands
  • Jimini Hignett & Doris Denekamp: If Bees Are Few …
    A ‘beefield’ with beehives for living bees, as well as petrified hives as symbols for the dying bee.
    Location: 1e Broekweg 6, 7478 RZ Diepenheim, The Netherlands
  • Jeroen Kooijmans: De Boomtuin (‘The Tree Garden’)
    Magical ‘garden for two’ with mosses and ferns, in the top of an oak tree which is around 250 years old.
    Location: ‘t Schoman 10, 7478 RM Diepenheim, The Netherlands
  • Birthe Leemeijer: De onbegrensde tuinen (‘The Unlimited Gardens’)
    From Diepenheim, 70,000 botanical tulip bulbs conquer the great wide world.
    Various locations in Diepenheim, a.o. Grotestraat 17, 7478 AA Diepenheim, The Netherlands
  • Rabattenbos
    With art garden.
    Location: Boven Regge, near the Twente Canal
  • De Broenshof Rose Garden
    Wonderful rose garden on the banks of the Regge.
    Location: Grotestraat 1, 7478 AA Diepenheim, The Netherlands
  • Gasterij De Tuinen
    Allotment garden complex and strawberry nursery with restaurant.
    Location: Raadhuisstraat 13, 7478 AG Diepenheim
  • BinnensteBuitenBos (InsideOutForest)
    Green playing oasis in the heart of Diepenheim.
    Location: Between Looiersplantsoen, Kuimgaarden and Doctor C.A.J. Quantstraat