Artist in residence Roderick Laperdrix

Artist Roderick Laperdrix is artist in residence from 13 May to 13 July in Werkplaats Diepenheim. He has an artist-in-residency grant (for The Netherlands) from the Mondriaan Fund.

“In my work I use the recluse as a caricature to portray the complex relationship between man and nature. After completing the work ‘The project of a general science of order’, I returned to this theme I had been working on before: the concept of a recluse living a secluded life in nature. A theme that fits perfectly with one of the themes of Kunstvereniging Diepenheim: ‘isolation’.

Inspired by illustrations in survival guide books I started making drawings in combination with small sculptures depicting eccentric rituals. One sculpture is a half-naked figure opening his jacket, trying to make himself look bigger. He is trying to scare a mountain lion, but the object of danger is not present. Without the context, this image becomes comical and absurd. In this way, I try to understand modern man’s fascination with this subject. A fascination manifesting itself in survival programmes on tv. Ray Mear’s ‘World of Survival’, Les Stroud’s ‘Survivorman’ and Bear Grylls’ more extreme ‘Man vs. Wild’ to name a few. These programmes depict a life contrasting strongly with our everyday life.”