Animals and death

A large number of the inhabitants of Diepenheim and its surroundings is farmer. In general, livestock farmers have a very down-to-earth attitude towards an animal’s death. Death is a fact of life, particularly when you own many animals. Townspeople generally view things very differently. They often try to prolong an animal’s life. To them the animal is more like a friend and part of the family.

Denise Nijland will shed more light on both sides of animal experience. When does an animal become a pet and when is it used for consumption? And how do both parties cope with the death of an animal?

Curator: Elias Tieleman

From 17 September till 27 November 2016. 

Image: Denise Nijland, ‘Eet smakelijk’, mixedmedia 2016.


Denise Nijland