Arcadia, Folklore, Nature and the Neighbours

In recent years curators Gijs Assmann, Hanne Hagenaars and Heske ten Cate mounted various exhibitions on popular art and culture. Exhibitions in which contemporary art and local art and culture in Diepenheim were merged. The new exhibition in the building on the Grotestraat, in the Drawing Centre and on various other locations in Diepenheim concludes their curatorship as well as the theme in a grand and ambitious way in a cooperation between curators, artists and the local population.

On the Goorseweg in Diepenheim sits a beige house named ‘Arcadia’ – it’s like a tranquil announcement: here you enter the utopian landscape, golden yellow fields, a wealth of castles and a community regarding neigbourliness as its greatest asset. W E L C O M E. In many respects, Diepenheim is the perfect city. People help each other and solitude is not a ghost wandering about Diepenheim. Social life prospers; people dance, meet and make music. Everyone knows each other and says a friendly hello. The streets are clean, the butcher award-winning, the hedges straight. The book accompanying the exhibition ‘Arcadia, Folkore, Nature and the Neighbours’ written by Hanne Hagenaars as a preliminary investigation of Diepenheim’s identity,  mentions that ‘neighbourliness’ is also sometimes called ‘social control’ in Diepenheim, although the inhabitants do not seem bothered. It is as if Diepenheim functions as an oasis with a golden lining. An oasis which has existed forever and which the big bad world can’t get its claws into. How do citydwellers, world citizens and strangers look at this reality and what do you have to give up join this close-knit community?

For the ‘Arcadia’ exhibiton artists from all over the world were invited to travel to Diepenheim, to join the popular culture and react to folklore, the neighbours and the splendid nature. Arcadia is taking place in the building of the Kunstvereniging, in Drawing Centre Diepenheim and en route between these two locations. A large tree gets a jacket, on several locations artists show brass band movies and in front of  Arcadia Mansion on the Goorseweg a triumphal arch is erected by Yair Callender.

Curators Hanne Hagenaars and Heske Ten Cate




Marie Aly, Daniëlle van Ark, Said Atabekov, Abel Auer, Josh Blackwell, Sander Breure en Witte van Hulzen, Ruben Cabenda, Yair Callender, Crystal Z Campbell, Sarah Carlier, Lisa Couwenbergh, Kitty Maria, Marliz Frencken, Wouter Klein Velderman, Paul Kooiker, Woodstone Kugelblitz, Noël Loozen, Maison the Faux, Abner Preis (i.s.m. Emilie Pictet), Janis Rafa, Johannes Schwartz