Between Grace and Fury

Kunstvereniging Diepenheim proudly presents ‘Between Grace and Fury’, the first retrospective exhibition by artist Matea Bakula.

Bakula is fascinated by materials that are used primarily for their functional qualities, such as packaging, insulation foam, concrete or wax. Like an alchemist, she experiments with them, forcing unusual combinations that she subjects to traditional sculpting processes. With this, she gives a new form to otherwise valueless material. Minimalist images in the form of, for example, monumental columns, square reliefs or spheres create space for the painterly traces on their surfaces. They are references to earlier experiments and metamorphosis.

This tension between the stillness of the form and the movement of the material is a recurring motif in the various sculptures and installations that are presented together for the first time in ‘Between Grace and Fury’.

Curator: Alexandra Landré

Image: Matea Bakula Рproductie detail Р2018


Matea Bakula

On view in Drawing Centre

Temporarily closed

Opening summer 2020 ->

The gardens of Diepenheim

Lucas Lenglet