Buiten Westen #2

Guest curator: Hélène Webers

Buiten Westen #2

Kunstvereniging Diepenheim opens its thirtieth year with an exhibition of eight young, promising artists, current or former students of art schools in the east of the Netherlands. Buiten Westen #2 is the second edition of the annual exhibition, which is hosted by guest curator Hélène Webers.

Buiten Westen is a departure from the usual route. The title is a shipping term. In the past, when bad weather was forecast, seafarers chose to steer a course that differed from the usual western route: they ventured ‘outside the West’ / ‘buiten westen’. The exhibition seeks to promote the quality and visibility of young talent from the East Netherlands region and make it accessible to a wide audience. The participating artists were trained at the art academies ArtEZ Institute of the Arts in Arnhem and Enschede, and Minerva Academy and the Frank Mohr Institute in Groningen.

Opening: Saturday 29 February 2020, from 16.00 in Kunstverenging Diepenheim

On view till 1st Juni 2020.

Afb. Swaeny Nina Kersaan ∙ Lenticulair (2019) ∙ digital image


Rakshita Bhargava, Henry Byrne, Kamilė Česnavičiūtė, Swaeny Nina Kersaan, Tessa Langeveld, Hedwich Rooks, Tom van Veen, Jochem van den Wijngaard.

On view in Drawing Centre

Temporarily closed

Opening summer 2020 ->

The gardens of Diepenheim

Lucas Lenglet