Clouded Matter

Curator: Nanette Kraaikamp

In her drawings, Marisa Rappard intuitively explores what it is to be human in a world of rapidly changing technology. While drawing, she investigates the influence of digital phenomena on our everyday lives, such as filtered news feeds, big data and fake news. The way in which Rappard navigates between abstraction and figuration, dense cross-hatching, confusing perspectives and layered areas of colour in her various drawings is reflected in a visual language of equal complexity.

Rappard’s work shows that ‘the digital’ has multiple faces. How, on the one hand, it may come across as redeeming, as an almost transcendent, magical experience or desirable vision of the future while on the other it seemingly makes the truth more diffuse and our world increasingly oppressive. Clouded Matter invites you to wander through Rappard’s site-specific installations, recent small drawings and wall-filling ink works, and discover and experience her visual investigation of these social undercurrents.

On view from 25th May till 1st September 2019


Marisa Rappard

The gardens of Diepenheim

Lucas Lenglet