Drawing Diepenheim

Spring 2016 Diepenheim will get a new layer, a layer of chalk lines. Not a layer from the Cretaceous, but a layer to make us look with fresh eyes at what we take for granted. All houses together form a town, a town where people live, quietly inside their houses on Diepenheim streets.

Visual artist Bart Lodewijks descends as a traveller on Diepenheim and makes a pattern on the houses with his geometric, repetitive white lines. The pattern joins the houses, just like the street does. People leave their houses and engage in conversations and look at their own facade, astonished. With permission, the straight chalk lines are expertly drawn by Lodewijks on each plot. A few houses are without lines, they are spoilsports in the line patterns which, like a spider’s web, will gradually transform the streetscene that is taken for granted. Streets are connected, the drawing is recognised and discussed by residents. Until wind and rain have erased all chalk lines. The traveller leaves behind a documentary for those who have marvelled, as a reminder of good talks. Many miles away, he himself gives yet another street a new white layer, making his host look in wonder at his property.

Bart Lodewijks’ presentation is part of the DRAWING FRONT exhibition. Lodewijks has been making wall drawings for some time. He has worked in the streets of Glasgow, Lisbon, Porto, Willemstad, Rio de Janeiro, Ghent and recently, in the streets of Sligo in Ireland.


Documentary about ‘Drawing Diepenheim’

Despite the temporary nature of his work, Bart Lodewijks leaves a documentary behind for the inhabitants of Diepenheim as a reminder. The process in Diepenheim will be documented by documentary filmmaker Griet Teck. On 19 March, during the opening of the new exhibitions, a preview of the documentary will be shown. From the DRAWING FRONT WEEKEND on 16 and 17 April 2016 onwards the entire documentary film will be shown in the Kunstvereniging.


Bart Lodewijks

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