Embodied Lines

Artistic leader: Nanette Kraaikamp

Embodied Lines

The group exhibition Embodied Lines brings together drawings in which the experience of the physical body is central. How can a physical action or physical sensation be converted into an image and communicated? This question drives the various artistic practices of the four participants. They each explore the physical through drawing, and vice versa. For example, a dance, walk or gesture can be the impetus for a performance with graphite, a spatial interplay of lines or somatic drawing.

The works in Embodied Lines reflect a heightened body awareness. Yet what is evident is not only artistic research into the sensibility of one’s own body evident, but the relationship of that body to the environment and the other. It reaches back to the physical essence of our humanity. Embodied Lines is an experimental exhibition with wall drawings, installations and performances made in situ that invite both introspection and interaction.

Visitor’s guide

On view till 5th January 2020.


Uli K├╝rner (D/NL), Liesje van den Berk (NL), Nicole Wendel (D), Katrina Brown (UK)