Curator: Alexandra Landré

A subversive attitude: that’s how the artistic practice of visual artist Bastienne Kramer can be summarised.  In her work she investigates the power relations that lie behind everyday objects, materials and images that, unnoticed, seem to surround us. Cigarette lighters or salt and pepper sets in the shape of women’s bodies, wood-burning stoves or corporate logos –how do these things attain their shape and meaning? These questions are central to Kramer’s artistic exploration. An exploration that also takes place in and through the material, preferably ceramics, with which Kramer makes the subject her own. For example, she reproduces mundane objects by utilising a variety of techniques such as casting, 3D printing and the use of heat elements. Over the last three decades her extensive technical expertise, coupled with her extraordinary artistic vision, has inspired an extremely diverse oeuvre of sculptures, installations and spatial interventions.

Kunstvereniging Diepenheim is proud to present FLASHFORWARD, the first retrospective of Bastienne Kramer. Gallery-filling installations, sculptures and interventions in the architecture of the Kunstvereniging unite in a presentation that is both compelling and disruptive.

On view from 25th May till 1st September 2019


Bastienne Kramer

On view in Drawing Centre

Temporarily closed

Opening summer 2020 ->

The gardens of Diepenheim

Lucas Lenglet