Flow into Form

‘Flow into Form’ is based on the tenets of the philosopher Heraclitus who believed that the world is always in flow, in motion. That which appears to be static, is also dynamic. Everything is constantly changing, nothing is permanent. This exhibition explores ways in which this idea translates into visual form.

The four artists examine abstract and organic forms, patterns and motifs in their work, which they repeatedly rearrange, change and vary. The use of repetition, scale differences, symmetry, rhythm and movement creates combinations that reflect nature, sometimes literally, sometimes suggestively. In artistic practice, as in nature, forms and patterns often arise through spontaneous ordering.

The exhibition is an immersion in dynamic research into form, natural energy transformed into abstract drawings, in conjunction with ever-increasing paper patterns and the hypnotizing effect of complex brushwood.

Curator: Nanette Kraaikamp

Image:┬áKarin Rianne Westendorp – Zonder titel


Anouk Griffioen - Charlotte Mouwens - Floor Schothorst - Karin Rianne Westendorp

The gardens of Diepenheim

Lucas Lenglet