Het Nieuwe Bouwen

Solo exhibition Jantien Jongsma

12 September 2020 – 31 January 2021

Curator: Nanette Kraaikamp

Drawing Centre Diepenheim is proud to present the solo exhibition Het Nieuwe Bouwen by Jantien Jongsma. Her colourful works on paper are narrative in character and portray a personal, often mythologized vision of the neighbourhood where she lives. Jongsma created spacefilling murals especially for Drawing Centre Diepenheim, on which recent and existing drawings and collages are juxtaposed. With this, the exhibition is new work of art itself.

Het Nieuwe Bouwen is like walking through the Amsterdam’s Slotervaart district, where the artist currently lives. Wandering through Jongsma’s drawings, we encounter the ideals of the 1950s: ‘light, air and space’ and the hope of a new life. Jongsma combines architectural and colour elements typical of the urban renewal at the time, intermingled with observations and musings on her life in Slotervaart, with which Het Nieuwe Bouwen is both intimate and layered.

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Photo’s Rik Klein Gotink


Jantien Jongsma

On view in Kunstvereniging

Sjoerd Buisman