I who make mistakes on the eternal..

Drawing Centre Diepenheim presents ‘I who make mistakes on the eternal typewriter’ a solo and group exhibition by Marcel van Eeden. The artist’s new work is presented amongst an exhibition of works the artist himself has chosen.

Drawings by internationally renowned artists and young talent hang side by side. Starting point for Van Eeden’s selection is the affinity he feels for certain artists, who, like himself, put a degree of narrative into their work. ‘I who make mistakes on the eternal typewriter’, a quote from a poem by beat poet Allen Ginsberg, leaves room for various visual stories. The result is an eclectic collection of works and a wide variety of styles: from handwritten contemplations to pictorial stories taking up a complete wall, from a single monumental black and white ink drawing to an elaborate comic strip.

Curators: Marcel van Eeden en Nanette Kraaikamp

31 August – 26 November 2017



Marcel van Eeden –– Joris Bas Backer –– Cedric ter Bals –– Marc Bauer –– Karl Haendel –– Marc Nagtzaam –– Maartje Schalkx –– Asbjørn Skou