Streams of Consciousness

The exhibition ‘Streams of Consciousness’ establishes a relationship with today’s society in which our senses are exposed to an endless torrent of impressions and information every day. In the guise of image, music and text, ‘streams of consciousness’ flow, sometimes literally, across our screens.

Stream of consciousness is a term that originates in both psychology and literature. It refers to the often illogical, capricious state of an individual’s mental landscape, in which reactions, observations, memories and thoughts are experienced as an unbroken river.

In ‘Streams of Consciousness’, six participating artists, each in their own singular style, capture their personal mental landscapes or those of other people, on paper in the form of collages, storytelling, or in works created without a preconceived plan. Translated onto paper, this ‘sense of thinking’ yields an eclectic outcome: from an abstract flow of patterns to cartoonish, comic tales and from intimate sketches to site-specific wall drawings and installations.

The exhibitions open on 7 July 2018 and run until 16 September 2018.

Image: Stefan Kasper – Zo blauw als een aap – 205 x 214,5 cm Houtskool, acrylverf, glitter(lijm), pastel, inkt, collage op papier


Stefan Kasper • Erwin Keustermans • William Ludwig Lutgens • Riette Wanders • Joyce ter Weele • Bente Wilms

On view in Kunstvereniging

Buiten Westen #2

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