‘Je suis toi – tu es moi’

On view from 24 June until 27 August 2017

This summer Drawing Centre Diepenheim presents a solo exhibition of Aline Thomassen (1964, Maastricht). Thomassen has been fostering a great fascination for Moroccan culture for years, especially for the subculture of Arabic women. In huge watercolours she lets you feel her subject while she is drawing. Powerful female figures, often naked and concealing nothing, rise from the colourful paints in which the physical and the emotional literally and figuratively merge together. Due to her frequent stays in Morocco over more than 20 years, she gets under the skin of her subject and penetrates in the deep psychological layers of society.

A number of new works Aline Thomassen has made especially for Drawing Centre Diepenheim invite the viewer to a physical and mental encounter with ‘the other’, in which you can recognise and experience existential dimensions of being human, like suffering, hope, love, pain and ecstasy in all their roughness and beauty.

Curator: Nanette Kraaikamp

Image: Aline Thomassen • without title •  2017 • aquarel on paper • 251 x 152 cm •  Foto: Jan Zweerts


Aline Thomassen