Solo exhibition Sjoerd Buisman

till Sunday 21 march 2021

Curator: Cees de Boer

Kunstvereniging Diepenheim warmly invites you to rediscover the work of Sjoerd Buisman. Buisman was one of the first artists to exhibit at the recently founded Kunstvereniging thirty years ago.

The sculptures of Buisman (1948, Gorinchem) are created as imitations of natural growth processes and of the natural laws that shape them. In Buisman’s spatial compositions, nature and art, reality and abstraction are one another’s counterpoint.

In the Ouroboros sculptures, the beginning and the end of intertwining or spiralling branches are bound together. The snake biting its tail – a symbol of infinity and transformation – sometimes appears in minimalist, sometimes in maximalist form. Each Fractal work shows a snapshot from a process of division and branching that could continue ad infinitum. The Divi-divi works are based on a branch that grew naturally to which small elements have been added, all pointing in a certain direction; artificial and natural growth form a counterpoint to each other.

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Sjoerd Buisman

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