The Wake, The Watch, The Walk

Drawing Centre Diepenheim proudly presents the solo exhibition ‘The Wake, The Watch, The Walk’ by Nik Christensen. Christensen’s work shows enigmatic, black and white worlds in which nature and human presence in nature are recurrent themes. On the large paper size this nature often takes sublime forms, as an overwhelming, impenetrable jungle or dark depths of caverns. His virtuoso technique enables Christensen to construct these visually complex drawings with sumi ink, in which he combines reality and fiction, abstraction and figuration in a balanced yet thrilling way. The rythm of the large brush strokes, the endless variations of shades of gray and the ambigous visual language transform into almost kadeidoscopic scenes in which the viewer can roam in an extraordinary way.

Especially for the exhibition ‘The Wake, The Watch, The Walk’ Christensen has made new drawings. They are on view together with other recent works. Monumental monochrome pieces fill both rooms, thus presenting an overview of recent developments in Christensen’s artistic practice.

**** – de Volksrant (dutch review)

on view til 25 February 2018

Curator: Nanette Kraaikamp
img. Nik Christensen – Electing The Scenic Route 2017 – 243x150cm – Sumi ink on paper


Nik Christensen