Unhide All

Artistic leader: Alexandra Landré

Unhide All

Kunstvereniging Diepenheim proudly presents the first solo exhibition of the Dutch artist Gerbrand Burger: Unhide All.

The title is derived from digital sketching programmes in which the command “unhide all” suddenly makes the structures and constructions behind digital simulations visible. Digital programmes, the manipulability of the surface and the artificiality of objects are among the artist’s many sources of inspiration. The interaction between appearance and being, between optical illusion and tangible reality is also evident in his spatial assemblages. On the occasion of the exhibition, the characteristic architecture of the Kunstvereniging is also a wellspring of inspiration. With two monumental interventions, Burger takes complete control of the building and offers visitors unexpected vantage points. Integrated into this total installation is a number of sculptures and prints created especially for this exhibition.

Unhide All invites visitors to immerse themselves in Burger’s work and to discover the richness of his playful and seductive artwork.

Visitor’s guide

On view till 5th January 2020.


Gerbrand Burger