‘Wishful Thinking’

Desire as the driving force behind our everyday behaviour, that is the theme of the group exhibition Wishful Thinking. Wishes, needs, dreams and desires – they are all expressions of human longing. On the one hand, our imagination enables us to excell and to make the impossible possible, on the other hand, deep down there is a feeling of failing or missing. It fuels a wish for ‘something’ and nourishes the vain hope to be fulfilled sometime in the future. The exhibition shows a wide range of works which relate to this contradiction. Whether it is an impossible balancing act, the fascination for voyeurism or the need to attribute human characteristics to objects, Wishful Thinking offers nourishment for the imagination.

Curator: Alexandra Landré

From 25 June till 28 August

Inamges right, from top to bottom:
Joep Struyk, Lacrima, 2014
Hilde Onis, I watch you secretly from a dark hostel room, 2015
Koen Taselaar, Head, 2015

Thanks to: Azko Nobel Art Foundation, Francis Boeske Projects, Mieke van Schaijk Galerie, Stedelijk Museum Schiedam, Aquaria van Wolferen.


Karin Arink, Annegret Kellner, Anne Marijn Voorhorst, Hilde Onis, Joep Struyk, Thomas Swinkels, Koen Taselaar en Teun Welten.