Yes & No

The relation between architecture and the surroundings, between safety and the objects belonging to it, is central to Lenglet’s work. Cages and fences are a way to get safety; they define space and demarcate boundaries. They make the invasive way in which fear or insecurity work tangible. The exhibition shows two new works which were developped especially for the building of the Kunstvereniging. Monumental yet subtle at the same time, Lenglet bends the space to his will and balances on the line between safety and discomfort.

Visual artist Lucas Lenglet (Leiden, 1972) describes his work as reflections on the relation between inclusion and exclusion. Lenglet realizes large-scale projects in public space, recently The Air We Breathe, Penitentiary Zaanstad. His work was on view at the Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam, Palais de Tokyo in Paris, Athens Biennale and CAC Vilnius (Lithuania).

Curator: Alexandra Landré

From 17 September till 27 November. 




‘Yes & No’  made possible by
Houtzagerij Twickel and Bouwbedrijf Scharenberg


Image: Lucas LengletMarfa view’ (Ralph Mackay), 2013, 210 x 297mm


Luces Lenglet

The gardens of Diepenheim

Lucas Lenglet