New curators starting in December

In December 2015 Kunstvereniging Diepenheim will start its new programme period with a new team of curators. Together with the present curator Drawing Arno Kramer, these curators – Nanette Kraaikamp, Alexandra Landré and Elias Tieleman – will work on new exhibitions, activities and manifestations. The appointment matches the intention to appoint new curators every few years to develop the exceptional programme in Diepenheim.


The change means we say goodbye to the present curators Hanne Hagenaars, Gijs Assmann and Heske ten Cate. Together they have developed the popular art and culture theme from 2009 onwards and made a dazzling cultural programme with exhibitions, activities and a manifestation lasting several days. As a final part, Hanne and Heske will
put together the fall exhibition ‘Arcadia’ as an apothesis, which will open on 19 September.

The new curators are:
Nanette Kraaikamp
Nanette Kraaikamp has been appointed co-curator Drawing with Arno Kramer. She is working as gallery manager for Gerhard Hofland Gallery in Amsterdam. In the past, she was artistic director and curator for Retort Art Space in Amsterdam. Together Nanette and Arno will develop a stronger profile for Drawing Centre Diepenheim as exhibition space and centre of expertise for the art of drawing in The Netherlands.

Alexandra Landré
From December 2015 onwards Alexandra Landré will be responsible as curator for the exhibitions in Kunstvereniging Diepenheim’s main building, focussing on spatial art. Alexandra is particularly interested in artistic practices which focus on ‘space’ and ‘research’. As an independant curator she will work with artists and organisations, both in The Netherlands and internationally. She is attached to the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, as a theory lecturer.

Elias Tieleman
Work in the countryside and community projects are the responsibility of the new curator Elias Tieleman. He is the founder and project manager of De Barak Foundation, Lelystad’s cultural breeding ground. Together with artist Paul de Kort, he is the harbinger for the project ‘7th Landschapskunstwerk (‘Land Art’) Flevoland’. In addition, Elias is the founder of Orgacom, for art in public spaces, and lecturer at the Utrecht School of Arts (HKU).