• Opening Summer exhibitions 2017

    Openend on the 24th of juni 2017; ‘The principle of least effort‘, Artists-in-Residence presentation 2016-17 and a solo exhibition of Aline Thomassen.

  • Opening fall exhibitions 2016

    On saturday 17th of september 2016 Kunstvereniging Diepenheim opened the new fall exhibitions.

  • New curators starting in December

    In December 2015 Kunstvereniging Diepenheim will start its new programme period with a new team of curators. Together with the present curator Drawing Arno Kramer, these curators – Nanette Kraaikamp, Alexandra Landré and Elias Tieleman – will work on new exhibitions, activities and manifestations.

  • Artist in residence Roderick Laperdrix

    Artist Roderick Laperdrix is artist in residence from 13 May to 13 July in Werkplaats Diepenheim. He has an artist-in-residency grant (for The Netherlands) from the Mondriaan Fund.