The gardens of Diepenheim

  • Gardens of the 21st Century

    Kunstvereniging Diepenheim has taken a special interest in gardens for years. For instance, there is the Gazebo by the Belgian artist Urbain Mulkers (1995), a work of art consisting of over 1,300 hosta species, bordered by red beeches. Since 2011 there are the gardens of herman de vries: a butterfly garden, a syringa garden and […]

  • The water lilies

    Nanna, of het zieleleven der planten (Nanna, or the Inner Life of Plants, 1848) by the German physicist and philosopher Gustav Theodor Fechner (1801-1887) inspired artist herman de vries (b. 1931) to this pond with white water lilies in the canals of former homestead Peckedam. In Nanna Fechner relates how he, after a period of […]

  • The Diepenheim Gazebo

    Threedimensional, green sculpture Nature as a sculpture. That’s how you could describe the unique Land Art project by the Belgian artist Urbain Mulkers (1945-2002). On the riverbanks of the Regge, on the Oude Goorseweg 2, 1,393 hosta species were planted in 1995, bordered by a double row of 136 red beeches. ‘The red beeches are […]

  • The herman de vries gardens

    no hierarchy Artist and biologist herman the vries writes his name without capitals because he feels there is no hierarchy between things. That’s way he assumes art cannot mean anything for nature, but nature is art in itself. de vries: ‘My gardens fit in with gardens which are already there. They are small botanical collections […]

  • Eat Your View

    Man, food and landscape Man’s menu largely consists of anonymized products if you look at them from the point of view of the landscape: groceries! In the landscape we do not recognise our food. In our food we do not recognise the landscape. Why is this so difficult? Eat Your View 2012 was an artistic […]