Eat Your View

Man, food and landscape
Man’s menu largely consists of anonymized products if you look at them from the point of view of the landscape: groceries! In the landscape we do not recognise our food. In our food we do not recognise the landscape. Why is this so difficult? Eat Your View 2012 was an artistic research for the relations between man, food and landscape.

Testing ground, literally and figuratively
For three days in spring, summer and autumn four scouts are sent into a demarcated area of 4km2 near Diepenheim for a day with the question: ‘What is edible?’ The testing ground has a stream, a forest, wooded banks, pastures, maize fields, farms, a camp site and a holiday park. It is a pars pro toto for rural Holland. The scouts report to the same panel but different visitors. A food designer prepares their edible finds, allowing the entire company to test the edibility of the landscape. In winter, a large group of experts gather together for an after-dinner chat.



Publication and website
There is a project publication. You can download it here or order it from Kunstvereniging Diepenheim. Want to know more? Look at the special website: (in Dutch).

Many thanks to
Eat Your View was made possible by the support of the province of Overijssel, SKOR (Foundation for Art and Public Domain) and Kunstvereniging Diepenheim.