Gardens of the 21st Century

Kunstvereniging Diepenheim has taken a special interest in gardens for years. For instance, there is the Gazebo by the Belgian artist Urbain Mulkers (1995), a work of art consisting of over 1,300 hosta species, bordered by red beeches. Since 2011 there are the gardens of herman de vries: a butterfly garden, a syringa garden and a winter garden.

Now there is the project:
The Non Urban Garden

The Kunstvereniging asked a number of artists two simple questions:

‘ How do you view the garden of the 21st century?
And do you want to make a design for this?’

The project shows which answers were given. The artistic research into gardens in a non urban context plays a prominent role. Four non urban gardens were established in Diepenheim in 2013:
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AfdH Uitgevers published a book about this project entitled ‘The Non Urban Garden. Tuinen van de 21e eeuw (The Non Urban Garden. Gardens of the 21st Century)’. A richly illustrated edition in which both the artists and a number of experts (Peter Sonderen, Joop Hoogeveen (curators The Non Urban Garden), Ann Meskens, Erik A. de Jong, Saskia de Wit, Piet Oudolf and Jorrit Noordhuizen) give us their view on the garden.

The Locations
For more information and the locations of The Non Urban Garden visit the Kunstvereniging, Herberg de Pol in Diepenheim or go to the website

For printing the map or a digital version, download the map here.

If you visit The Tree Garden by Jeroen Kooijmans by car, please take the Borculose weg and go to the designated parking space.

More information
For more information about The Non Urban Garden go to our projects page, the external (Dutch) project website The Non Urban Garden website or visit the Kunstvereniging or Herberg de Pol in Diepenheim.


In cooperation with:euleader

Curators: Peter Sonderen & Joop Hoogeveen


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