The Diepenheim Gazebo

Threedimensional, green sculpture
Nature as a sculpture. That’s how you could describe the unique Land Art project by the Belgian artist Urbain Mulkers (1945-2002). On the riverbanks of the Regge, on the Oude Goorseweg 2, 1,393 hosta species were planted in 1995, bordered by a double row of 136 red beeches. ‘The red beeches are the framework of a painting consisting of thousands of shades of green (…) Within the dark red frame of the majestic beeches the green painting is at it were the ultimate portrait of the landscape outside the Gazebo and, therefore, of the rest of the world. I cut up maps and put them together again according to my own idea of beauty and it the same way I organise my own personal and unique collage with shades of green from plants’, Mulkers says.

The Italian ‘gazebo’ means structure on the roadside where you find shelter from the sun. Urbain Mulkers realised with the Diepenheim Gazebo is a shady, natural space where visitors can retire and rest.



The hosta

Thousands of hosta varieties
The hosta has reached Europe from Asia with the VOC. There are thousands of varieties of this perennial garden plant: from tiny to almost a meter high, with pointed, round or serrated leaves, dull or shiny, with or without white edge and in all possible shades of green, but they all have the characteristic veins that give the leaf its special marking. Around June the plants are adorned with sweeping flowers in whites and purples.

Hosta Collection
In the Diepenheim Gazebo the plants are in beds, bordered by pathways made of bark. Together the paths and beds are an abstract representation of the veins in a hosta leaf. The hostas have wonderful names like ‘Amber Maiden’, ‘Lemonade’, ‘Guacamole’, ‘Wrinkles and Crinkles’, ‘Blade Runner’, ‘Slick Willie’, ‘Red Salamander’ and ‘Elvis Lives’. A complete catalogue of the hostas in the Gazebo can be obtained at Kunstvereniging Diepenheim.

European Reference Collection
Botanically, the hosta collection is also of great importance. The Nederlandse Hostavereniging (‘Dutch Hosta Society’) has awarded the Diepenheim Gazebo the label European Reference Collection.

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