The water lilies

Nanna, of het zieleleven der planten (Nanna, or the Inner Life of Plants, 1848) by the German physicist and philosopher Gustav Theodor Fechner (1801-1887) inspired artist herman de vries (b. 1931) to this pond with white water lilies in the canals of former homestead Peckedam. In Nanna Fechner relates how he, after a period of eye problems, experiences a water lily in full bloom. He looks at the structure and life of the plant in utter astonishment. He longs for new eyes in order to be able to experience nature always as a new truth. Artist herman de vries recognises his own point of view about art and nature in this. de vries assumes nature is art; the artist’s job is to make this visible.

de vries’ homage to Fechner is an invitation to the public to experience the water and the water lilies close-by and to ponder on nature and art.

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Kunstvereniging Diepenheim thanks Nijenhuis and Westerflier estates, The Council of Hof van Twente, District Water Board Vechtstromen and the Province of Overijssel.


Location: Nijenhuizerlaan (former homestead Peckedam), Diepenheim

herman de vries fechner monument